Za-nya Wright ’25 collaborates with other Millenium Fellows on projects rooted in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

I am from Union, New Jersey, and I will say that growing up in North Jersey has really molded me into the person I am today. I have always grown up in a very ethnically diverse environment and have been given multiple views on life and how other people live their lives.

What is your major or academic interest?

I am in the process of making my own major in neuropsychology. The field of neuroscience has interested me since I was a little kid; I had the opportunity to hold a goat’s brain in science class. And when I was in high school, my cousin began to have seizures, and we didn’t know why. There was no medical history of seizures in my family. This increased my interest in neuroscience monumentally. When I came to Moravian, I decided I wanted to combine neuroscience with the field of psychology.

What activities are you involved in?

I am the Senator of Student Wellness in United Student Government (USG) and a peer leader in Peers and Wellness (PAW) through the counseling center. I was chosen for the 2023 Millennium Fellowship to represent Moravian University alongside eight other students at Moravian. I am the treasurer of American Sign Language Club as well.

Please tell us about your project for the Millennium Fellowship.

We are working with Moravian Academy to create a curriculum on mindfulness. During the fall semester, we attended meetings with Kelvin Sealey [director of strategic partnerships and external programming] at the academy about mindfulness, and we created a curriculum to enable students in middle school and high school to teach mindfulness to younger students, which in turn prepares them to teach it to their peers. The program creates leadership opportunities for students. This is a very new concept for us as a cohort, but we are very excited to get started and do some research and further help younger generations.

What’s next after you graduate?

I plan to go to graduate school for my master’s degree and then earn a doctorate in neuropsychology.

Tell us about one of the best experiences you’ve had at Moravian University.

I will say that coming here I was a little nervous about maintaining genuine friendships and finding people who make me feel at home. But by putting myself out there I have created friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

Share something about yourself that may surprise people.

I am not a people person at all. I tend to love being around myself and in my own space.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My room is my favorite place, since I can go there and remove myself from the constant hustle and bustle of college life and decompress.

What is your favorite college tradition and why?

The party that happens every year on St. Patrick’s Day. This is a time when we truly come together as a school community and just have a good time.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not studying?

I love to color and listen to music, and when the weather’s nice, I go sit in the park with my coloring book and just enjoy nature.

What book, film, song, or piece of art do you find unforgettable?

“A Long Walk” by Jill Scott will always be a favorite song of mine.

Who inspires you?

My parents inspire me to be the best person I can be. They have always been there for me and supported me through years of sports and academics. Without them I wouldn’t even be at Moravian University.

What is the best advice you have ever received or a quote that stays with you?

“You ain’t no saint, we all are sinners. But you put your good foot down to make your soul the winner.” —Jill Scott, from the song “A Long Walk”

Share something that makes you happy.

My roommate’s cat, Lorenzo, and my dog, Prince, are two animals that bring me pure joy even on my worst day.