By Mantra Team
Posted: September 05, 2023

According to his college mentor, Bryon L. Grigsby, PhD, Moravian University’s 16th president, once said, “Someday I’m going to run this place,” though now, he laughs and says, “I’m sure I meant the English Department, not the whole institution.”

When the ‘90 alum first stepped on the Moravian campus as a freshman, he was consumed by soccer and basketball. After experiencing a career-ending injury in his sophomore year, Dr. Grigsby quickly found himself questioning his identity as a non-athlete. Thanks to the support of Robert T. Burcaw, PhD, who he now meets monthly for lunch, Dr. Grigsby changed his major to English and set out for a career in academia.

After earning his PhD in English from Loyola University Chicago, Dr. Grigsby got a faculty position at Centenary College, where he worked for a few years before the president asked him to consider administration. He figured he’d try it out and eventually return to being a professor, but Dr. Grigsby quickly fell in love with the chaos of administration. He spent five years at Shenandoah University working in academic affairs before joining his alma mater in 2013.

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