For Outstanding Students

Awards and Prizes

The Daniel W. Tereshko Memorial Prize in Studio Art

To the senior art major who has demonstrated outstanding creative, technical, and intellectual achievement in the field of studio art.
Liam Fitting

The Zeta Psi Award

To the art major who, in the judgment of the art faculty, has demonstrated leadership ability, a superior scholastic record, and outstanding artistic achievement.
Briana Fehnel

The Biological Sciences Prize

To the senior biology major who has best demonstrated excellence in academics, in the conduct and dissemination of research, and in their contributions to the department.
Lauren Latchford

The Biochemistry Prize

To a student who, in the judgment of the biochemistry faculty, has demonstrated outstanding achievement in biochemistry and shows potential for significant future contributions to biochemistry or related fields.
Jacob Freeh

The Irving S. Amrhein Prize for French

To a graduating senior for distinguished work in French.
Alexa Vail

The Irving S. Amrhein Prize for German

To a graduating senior for distinguished work in German.
Stephen Schneider

The Irving S. Amrhein Prize for Spanish

To a graduating senior for distinguished work in Spanish.
Victoria Donovan

The C.R. Chambliss Award for Excellence in the Sciences

To a senior majoring in the lab sciences or math who has an overall GPA of at least 3.5, has conducted research or completed outreach that has benefitted Moravian University or the community, and values all aspects of a university education, not just their specific scientific pursuits.
Victoria Donovan and Gwen Kester

The Neuroscience Award

To a senior neuroscience major who has demonstrated excellence in academic and research pursuits in understanding the brain and behavior.
Gwen Kester

The American Chemical Society Award

Upon recommendation of the chemistry faculty, to a senior chemistry major with an outstanding academic record and promise of an academic or research career in chemistry or a related discipline.
Christina Awwad

The Edwin L. Stockton Prize in Economics and Business

To the senior with the highest cumulative GPA in the School of Business and Economics.
Aya Rouhana

The Willis N. Baer Award

To the economics and business student who has shown the greatest improvement over a period of five terms.
Jason Levy

The English Prize

To the graduating English major who has demonstrated outstanding engagement in the discipline within and beyond the department.
Saleh Abdussalam and Gianna Tully

The Zinzendorf Prize

To a graduating senior English major whose breadth and depth of study within the discipline, academic performance, and/or level of intellectual engagement demonstrate a deep commitment to the field of English studies.
Natalia Hanson-Richart and Destiny Smith

The James M. Beck Oratorical Prize

To a student demonstrating excellence in the art of public speaking.
Mayzi Edelheiser

The James M. Beck Shakespeare Essay Prize

For the best essay on a Shakespearean topic by a student.
Maya Santos

The Patricia Erskine Memorial Award

To the junior or senior Moravian University Theatre Company member who has contributed most to that organization.
Hannah Kolonoski

The Marlyn A. Rader Memorial Prize in Mathematics

To a student who, having completed at least six courses in mathematics at the university, has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics.
Hannah Kolonoski and Jean-Pierre Appel

The Environmental Science Prize

To a senior environmental science major for outstanding academic achievement in the study of environmental issues.
Helaena Holjes, Gabriel Jacobs, and Todd Reedy

The Environmental Policy and Economics Prize

To a senior environmental policy and economics major for outstanding academic achievement in the study of environmental issues.
Zachary Phillips

The History Prize

To the history major who, in the judgment of the history department, has demonstrated excellence in historical scholarship and shows the most promise of future achievement.
Lucas Wolk

The Al Lazaro Memorial Jazz Prize

To a music major of the current junior or senior class who has shown significant growth and excellence in jazz performance. Awarded in memory of standout student jazz performer Al Lazaro.
Josequiel Guerra

The T. Edgar Shields Memorial Prize in Music

To a member of the graduating class for progress and proficiency in music studies.
Martina Fedorowicz

The Leon Prokofy Leonovich Memorial Prize

To a member of the sophomore class who has shown significant growth and excellence in the study of music.
Abigail Rochlin

The Steven K. Van Auken Memorial Prize in Music Performance

To the member of the sophomore or junior class for notable achievement in vocal or instrumental performance.
Ashley Golden

The Judith Green Memorial Prize

To a music student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and an exceptional talent in writing about music or has demonstrated excellence in musical scholarship and shows promise for future achievement.
Samuel Lingen

The Betty Airestock Moore Prize

To the most outstanding keyboard musician during their sophomore or junior year.
Sean Riedy

The Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award

To an outstanding music major in their final year of study.
Mitchell Hourt

The Priscilla Payne Hurd Prize in Nursing

To a nursing student selected on the basis of overall outcomes in academics, professionalism, student involvement in campus programming, athletics, and community care.
Rebecca Revitt

The Nursing Excellence in Practice Award

To the nursing student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in practice excellence and professionalism.
Jordan Geroulo

The Public Health Award

To the graduating public health major who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the study of public health, service to the community, and leadership within the Public Health program.
Madeline Bill

The Douglas R. Anderson Prize in Philosophy

To a graduating philosophy major who, in the judgment of the department of philosophy, has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the study of philosophy and outstanding service and leadership within the department.
Dylan Coffin

The Frederick (Jiggs) McConnell Prize in Moral Philosophy

To a graduating senior who, in the judgment of the department of philosophy, has demonstrated excellence in moral philosophy.
Shannon Lawlor

The Sociology and Anthropology Student Award

To a graduating senior majoring in sociology or anthropology who has a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the major, actively participates in (and leads, where possible) departmental activities, demonstrates values that uphold the principles of the disciplines of sociology and anthropology, and is an active member of society (through civic engagement and/or work experience).
Riley Scholl

The Ronald J. Stupak Award

To a student who, in the judgment of the political science faculty, has performed distinguished work in political science.
Riley Scholl, Amber Morgan, and Pauline Francisco

The Albert Ferkel Jr. Memorial Prize

To a senior political science major for demonstrated service in raising awareness of social justice issues to their fellow students.
Pauline Francisco and Brianna Nigrone

The Psi Chi Service Award

To a Psi Chi member who has shown outstanding achievement, dedication, enthusiasm, and participation in the field of psychology.
Jordan Vargo

The Theta Alpha Kappa Undergraduate Achievement Award

To a Theta Alpha Kappa member who has shown outstanding achievement and dedication to excellence in religious studies and theology.
Seth Coleman


In the Moravian University Honors Program, students pursue independent, intensive scholarship on a topic of their choice. Their work undergoes a rigorous evaluative process culminating in an oral defense before a select examining committee.

Madison Amorim

Lillian Blomgren

Kalasia Bradshaw

Hayley Carroll
Biology & Chemistry

Christian Colciaghi

Megan Curtis
Economics and Peace & Justice

Victoria Donovan

Liam Fitting
Studio Art

Jacob Freeh

Courtney Gordon
Nursing & Africana Studies

Joel Hendricks
Communications & Rhetoric

Helaena Holjes
Environmental Science

Gwen Kester

Lauren Latchford

Pia Mazzella-DiBosco

Megan O’Brien

Rebecca Revitt

Riley Scholl

Sophia Shienvold

Gianna Tully
Art History & English

Alexa Van Doren
Health Science

Jordan Vargo

Brendon Ward

Lucas Wolk
History & Education

National and International Honor Societies

  • Alpha Alpha Alpha, national first-generation honor society, founded at Moravian University
  • Alpha Kappa Delta, international sociology honor society
  • Beta Beta Beta, national biology honor society
  • Chi Alpha Sigma, national student-athlete honor society
  • Gamma Sigma Alpha, national Greek honor society
  • Iota Iota Iota, national women’s studies honor society
  • Kappa Delta Pi, international honor society in education
  • Kappa Pi, international honorary art society
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon, international economics honor society
  • Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary society for scholarship and leadership
  • Phi Alpha Theta, national history honor society
  • Phi Beta Delta, international scholars honor society
  • Phi Eta Sigma, national first-year student honor society
  • Psi Rho Nu, neuroscience honor society
  • Phi Sigma Iota, national foreign language honor society
  • Phi Sigma Tau, national philosophy honor society
  • Pi Mu Epsilon, national mathematics honor society
  • Pi Sigma Alpha, national political science honor society
  • Psi Chi, national psychology honor society
  • Sigma Pi Sigma, national physics honor society
  • Sigma Tau Delta, national English honorary society
  • Sigma Theta Tau, international nursing honorary society
  • Theta Alpha Kappa, national religious studies & theology honorary society