Ryan Stuart ’17 and Carly Ann Hoskins ’17 fell in love while they were students in the accelerated nursing program.

Life would be completely different for Carly Ann Hoskins and Ryan Stuart if they hadn’t both chosen the accelerated nursing program at Moravian University. The tight-knit, fast-paced program led both students to a degree in nursing and a family. Carly and Ryan, who started the program in 2015 and graduated in 2017, got married in September 2019 and had a daughter two years later.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, they share their story:

How did the two of you meet?

Carly: “Ryan and I were both in the accelerated nursing program, and the whole group had classes together and spent most of our time together outside of class too—studying, having lunch, and going to happy hours.”

Ryan: “We met on day one of the program during introductions. Eventually we got to know each other better during clinical sessions. A night out with friends from class allowed us to see each other in a different setting, and things took off from there.”

Was it love at first sight?

Carly: “For me it wasn’t. I didn’t really pay attention to him more than anyone else in our program.”

Ryan: “I’m sure she said, ‘Nope,’ but I think it was (laughs). I saw her and was intrigued. I wanted to get to know her better, and I am glad I did.”

How did you start dating?

Carly: “After a few months of everyone getting to know each other, I started paying more attention to Ryan, and we just kind of became friends. One night we all went out with a bunch of classmates, and he offered to walk me to my car because it was parked on the opposite side of town. We walked and talked about life and laughed, and I became more interested in getting to know him. Our first date was in early December of 2015. We went to a fancy restaurant we couldn’t afford, so we ended up splitting a dinner there and then getting food at another place after because we were still hungry!”

Ryan: “We met up several times to study together prior to our ‘first date.’ The first date was at a fancy restaurant in Allentown, and we were poor, so we just ordered appetizers. It was good to know she was a fellow foodie.”

What was it like dating a fellow student in the program?

Carly: “We were both so busy with school and jobs that we didn’t have much time for our relationship. Honestly, most of our time together was at the gym for an hour or on the one day we didn’t have to study or work. Our relationship was known by most of our classmates, but I don’t think any of the teachers knew until the end. They were all in shock when they found out.”

Ryan: “It was a little awkward at first, but once everyone in the program got to see us interact outside of class, it was okay. It was definitely weird seeing her all day and having to stay focused on nursing school.”

What came after graduation, and what are you doing now?

Carly: “We graduated in 2017 and started our first jobs in different ICUs that year and did travel nursing until 2021. Ryan is currently in the cardiac catheter lab at Penn Presbyterian, and I’m in the post-anesthesia care unit at Jefferson Abington.”

How would you say your experience at Moravian University helped shape your life, career-wise and beyond?

Carly: “I knew the accelerated nursing program at Moravian would be the perfect fit, and I was right in more ways than one. The program prepared us well not only for our boards but also for our careers. I think the trust the professors put in us to get our work done and do well helped us have better life flexibility, and it gave us a foundation for success.”

Ryan: “I chose Moravian’s accelerated program because during the interview process, I got a sense of family and dedication. I knew I’d get a great education that would make me into a great nurse. We both made long-lasting friendships at Moravian. I get together with some of the guys from the program every year to golf. Moravian absolutely prepared me to be an RN and has continued to offer support seven years later. It was a quick and hard 16 months at Moravian, but my life would be completely different right now if I had chosen a different route. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!” —Elizabeth Shimer Bowers