I grew up in Jackson, New Jersey. It is in an amazing part of New Jersey. I lived 20 minutes from the beach, 5 minutes from the Manasquan Reservoir, and I could hop on a bus to New York City on any given day. It made me appreciate the ability to go out and explore my surroundings. My friends and I were always on the lookout for new hiking trails and nature areas to explore. That has stayed with me, and I am always looking for new areas in Bethlehem and Easton to explore. I recently met the owner of Delightful Dahlias at a flower show and would highly recommend checking out her farm in Bethlehem.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I am the cashier in the student accounts department. I enjoy helping our students navigate the financial piece of coming to Moravian. It’s rewarding to see a student grow in this very important aspect of becoming an adult. Some students come to the office and have never written out a check before or paid a bill, so it is very cool to see their progress after a year or so.

Share something about yourself that people may not know.

Before coming to Moravian, I worked in the fashion industry, so I love to thrift, sew, and upcycle. I worked for Torrid, a plus-size clothing company, which was a safe and empowering place for all women. My job included training store managers on how to measure and size women for proper garment fit. The company flew me out to California to meet our fit models to further my knowledge on these techniques, and it was a blast. I was also part of the model search we held once a year and served as a Torrid rep at conventions such as CURVYcon. Torrid’s inclusivity was something I greatly valued, and I have carried those values with me to Moravian.

What is your favorite thing to do with your free time?

Relax with my husband and play video games. It’s the best because it is our time to just decompress and spend quality time together. Some of our favorite games are Persona 3, FF7, Diablo IV, and Fae Farm.

What book, film, song, or piece of art has so touched you that you find it enduring or unforgettable?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That movie is just phenomenal on all fronts. The soundtrack, the cinematography, the actors, the story . . . chef’s kiss. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but the story makes you realize that our life and who we are is shaped by memories and experiences both good and bad.

I can never resist a good ____.


Who inspires you and why?

My mother, Glenda Learish, inspires me every day. She is strong, funny, and stays positive despite health challenges. She has always been my rock, and I know she is also a tremendous support to our students here at Moravian as our art department office manager.