By David Brandes

Hello fellow Greyhounds and friends of the pack! It is an honor to write the inaugural Moravian College IT blog post—a dubious honor, as it will be up to me to set the tone for further posts and I tend to the informal.

Well, what can I say—Technology is fun! There is nothing about emerging technology that I don’t find entertaining in some way. I hope to introduce as many emerging technologies on campus as possible, which you will read about from members of our team in our upcoming posts. It is my goal to provide Moravian students with as high tech an experience as possible. 

One of my favorite tech perks on campus is that every display screen you encounter is equipped with an Apple TV. You can share, collaborate, and present from basically anywhere on campus. Working on a video for class in the HUB and want your peer’s feedback? Pop it up on the screen! You can stream or mirror through Airplay. If you need a refresher on how to do that from your iPad or Macbook, check out this link

When you leave Moravian for graduate schools or jobs far and wide, I hope the technology you embraced here will be a boon to you there. Secretly, I hope your experience here leaves you well advanced of the tech you find out there. Super secretly, I hope their tech is embarrassing compared to ours, and if it isn’t—let me know, and I will raise the bar!

David Brandes
Chief Information Officer
Class of 2020 Philosophy

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