What is your role at the College and what is something many may not know about the work you do?

As Associate Director of Career Development for Experiential Learning, I work with students to help them discover their career goals through experiences such as internships, externships, and co-ops. I also work closely with employers and community partners to promote opportunities to Moravian College students and alumni. Some may not know that I teach a course that prepares students for experiential learning opportunities.

My favorite spot on campus is…

the HUB lounge by the piano. On a cool day, I love to sit by the fire and listen to one of the many talented Moravian College students showcasing their musical abilities.

My favorite college tradition is…

Heritage Day. While a relatively new tradition, it is amazing to see the entire Moravian College community come together to participate in a day of service.

One thing that many of my colleagues don’t know about me outside of my Moravian College responsibilities is…

I genuinely enjoy cleaning. Cleaning my apartment is one of my favorite weekend activities and a great stress reliever for me!

My typical weekend would go something like this:

Wake up early
Make and drink a lot of coffee
Spend time with my husband, family, and friends
Go to Target
Watch the Steelers or Penn State during football season

My favorite thing to do when I am away from campus is…

Go for a walk or ride my bike on the trail next to my apartment. I love spending time outside when I can!

I like the color ______ because ______.

I like the color orange because it reminds me of my favorite season—fall.

When I grow up, I want to be…

A children’s book illustrator, because I’ve always enjoyed drawing.

What sound do you love? Why?

My favorite sound is my niece’s voice. Talking to her or hearing her laugh can totally change my day for the better.

I can never resist a good…

cup of coffee.

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