Here in Bethlehem P.A., there are so many festivals and events  to attend which you won’t find anywhere else in the country: Apple Days, Musikfest, Vespers, Oktoberfest, and my all time favorite—Celtic Fest. Since my freshman year at Moravian, my friends and I have attended this celebration of Celtic culture in Historic Downtown Bethlehem.

You might be wondering what exactly Celtic Fest is. Well, it’s a nonprofit festival that promotes the Celtic culture and background. At this festival you’ll find music, food vendors, retail stands, art, paradon, and celtic activities. Usually, I just go for the food—especially corn-on-a-stick, yum! 

In years past, I’ve had the time of my life at this festival. When I first got to  campus my freshman year, I heard all the upperclassmen talking about “Celtic Fest”. I didn’t quite understand the hype about this festival until I actually experienced it myself. I had no idea what to expect, and I was surprised by the amount of men wearing kilts that I saw! I knew some background on Celtic culture, but I wasn’t familiar with the tradition surrounding kilts. 

There’s something for everyone at Celtic Fest—delicious food, performances, shops, Celtic games, sword dances, and haggis eating contests. 

After having so much fun at my first Celtic Festival, my friends and I made it a tradition to go every year. This event usually takes place during the last weekend of September. Don’t ask why it’s not held on St. Patrick’s Day, because I have no idea! But the weather is amazing in September, so I’m not complaining. 

This year’s Celtic Fest was just as fun as the rest. Of course I got corn-on-a-stick, but I had always wanted to try a gyro too! The gyro was quite interesting, would definitely consider trying again. After venturing around, we stopped at the cute little shops where we looked at jewelry and hats. A lot of my friends ended up buying rings, necklaces, and hats. Where as I decided to save my money for some more food (#priorities). 

Next year, go give “Celtic fest” a whirl!

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