I can’t imagine my life without video games. Ever since I was young I would play with my brothers and friends, using them as a way to socialize and as a way to escape to a whole new world. As I grew older, I became more experienced with games and began to move away from the casual side of gaming, and more towards a competitive side. The first game I can confidently say I went competitive with is Overwatch, which is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game.

During my freshman year at Moravian, there was little to no talk of eSports on campus. I remember hearing whispers of a team possibly being formed, but any attempt I made to actually find out about it usually led to a dead end. I didn’t let this stand in my way, as I finally heard more about it late September of my sophomore year. I was on my way to class, when I saw a poster up talking about an information meeting. And from there, eSports began carving its path towards being a club at Moravian!

Throughout the fall, we had some teams competing in the ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference) under their eSports division. We had a League of Legends team, a Fortnite team, and an Overwatch team which made it into the Morning Call! Our time at the ECAC was spent well, as our Fortnite team went nearly undefeated.

Going forward, I have big plans for the club. My top goal is to get a gaming lounge on campus where the team members can go to relax, socialize, practice, and compete together! Expanding the games we have is yet another goal, with Smash Ultimate being added this spring. I believe that eSports has a very bright future ahead of it, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

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