Moravian College is home to so many interesting clubs and organizations on campus—there’s basically something for everyone. And since new ones are popping up all the time, we thought: what do you really know about the newest clubs on campus? Latino Student Union is one of these new clubs, and I sat down with President Conch Sosa to find out more!

When and why did you create LSU?

LSU started in the fall of 2015; however, the process of creating LSU started in the beginning of 2015. A group of friends and I started LSU to unite, educate, and empower Latino Students at Moravian College. We want to strengthen the Latino student body at the College.

What does your organization do on campus?

On campus, we want to provide support to Latino students, promote cultural awareness, as well as provide awareness and education to the Moravian College community about latin culture.

Who can be a part of Latino Student Union?

Anyone can join LSU; we welcome all students to join LSU. There is no discrimination on the basis of sex, race, sexual orientation, politics or religion within the organization.

Why join the Latino Student Union?

One aspect that LSU focuses on is family. LSU feels like a familia  and for anyone who feels like they don’t belong somewhere, can join LSU and feel like they are a part of our little familia.

What are some of the events members are looking forward to in coming months?

Last semester we celebrated Dia de los Muertos, held a day of service, and participated in Hispanic Heritage Month presentations. There are many upcoming events for LSU. We are collaborating with The Zinzendorf society for a poetry slam night and the International Club for I-night! We may also hold another Café con leche spotlight.  November’s Cafe con leche featured local Latino leader Jose Sobrino.

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